Evening all!  I’m Hannah, HT, Hannah T, Torrance Olivier or a plethora of other nicknames I am too happy to answer to.  I am primarily a theatre director but began writing about two years ago and it has started with a a real bang!  So far I’ve mostly written plays, both short and long, and am embarking on a novel which is a really scary statement.  One of my plays She is going to be performed at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton in February so watch out for more shameless plugs.

Everything I write has a different influence.  My first play was sparked by an emotion and inspired by the writing styles of Caryl Churchill, Sarah Kane, Martin Crimp and the like; my most recent began as a statistic that made me unbelievably angry.  The novel is a complete stray into the unknown, going full epic fantasty á la Phillip Pullman with dreams of Del Torro-esq spectacles.

I am honored to be selected to be a part of this writing challenge and can’t wait to see the first theme and where our ideas take us.



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