You can call me Al…

Hi! Hello! How have you been? Yeah, you look peeky; have you been outside recently? Sorry, lost in thought! My name is Steve Archer, or Dagna Theatre if I’m trying to impress the ladies. (Theatrically, of course)

I will be your master of ceremonies for this expedition. Your guide. Your example writer. Your Dungeon Master, if you will. I’m nowhere near cool enough to be a DM but they’ll not question it…

Anyway! This is my example intro blog for our intrepid scribblers; they’ll be posting over the coming week before being set their first writing challenge

I have been writing since the age of 12, though only started working on big projects (songs, albums, novels, shows, a trilogy…) when I started uni in 2011. I have written over 50 songs, countless short stories, currently writing 2 novels and 5 plays. (be a blessing if I got paid for this!) My favourite writers are Pratchett, Gaiman and Hornby and I constantly reference them in my works.

You can find more on my work at and

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog and I look forward to seeing the work everyone creates!


Peace out


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