Writer (Noun. “One who fears blank pages”)

Hello, I’m Rich.

I’m not sure if I really belong here.

Normally I’m a video editor, so you might not think me the most obvious person to be part of a writing group, but that’s sort of the point for me. I’ve always enjoyed writing, even if that has mostly translated to treatments and proposals rather than short stories. I’ve written several short films and in fact editing has much more in common with writing than one might initially think – it’s often referred to as the “last rewrite”, so I hope the knowledge gleaned from years of cutting other people’s stories will help me fashion some interesting pieces of my own.

So what am I doing here? Well for me this project is an experiment, a challenge, and hopefully a chance to grow. As much as anything I’m looking forward to seeing what all the other brilliant and talented writers come up with on a monthly basis. Thanks for reading!


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