Log 2412563.
Medic Luisa Tanem on board the International Space Station.

We made it! Bit of a bumpy start; Jude got her arm caught in the airlock door, I’m pretty sure it’s broken so I’ve sent her back with the returning crew. Hope by the time you see this you’re on the mend, we’ll have you back up here in no time. It’s just me and Patrick until the transporter comes back so we’ll have to hold off on investigative missions for now.

It’s so exciting, I can hardly believe I’m here. No matter what training you do nothing can really prepare you. I’m got going to experience gravity for two years! How weird is that? While we’ve got a bit of free time I’m really enjoying just looking out the window and watching the universe turn. I almost can’t believe it’s real. It’s like it’s a video; an animation or a painting. It’s beautiful. Earth with all the swirls of blue and green and a brush stroke of white cloud. My favourite is when we are passing away from the sun and the continents are illuminated.

Log 2412586.
Is anyone there?! Hello?! Houston? China? Russia? Anyone?! This is medic Luisa Tanem on board the ISA, what’s going on down there? Hello?!

Shit! Fuck! Patrick no one’s answering!… I don’t know!… I don’t think it will contact phone lines Patrick… Maybe, it’s worth a try…

Hello? Is anyone receiving this? This is Luisa Tanem on board the ISS broadcasting on all frequencies, is there anyone there? Hello? What happened?? We were looking out and something just…. I can’t see any land, is there anyone there? Did anyone…

Log 2472598.
Luisa Tanem on the ISS. It’s been twelve days since we lost contact with Earth. From what we can tell the last of the ice caps melted but they were supporting a significant land structure which has since collapsed into the sea, creating a tidal wave and raising the sea level beyond the barriers we had created. We might be the only humans left. We are broadcasting regularly to try and contact any survivors but I’m starting to worry about how long the power will last.

Patrick is struggling. I’m trying to be brave for him but it is hard. We both have people we care about down there and the thought of losing them… And Jude… She was supposed to be up here with us. What if I sent her home to die?

Log 2412634.
This is medic Luisa Tanem on the ISS. Like it would be anybody else…

I’m trying to keep these logs to no more than one a day. Got to keep a routine and don’t want to use up too much energy but it’s… The quiet. That’s the thing I’m struggling to get used to. I know it’s been a good few weeks but it’s like it’s ringing, you know? Like the silence is loud or…has a texture, does that make sense? It’s thick and foggy, like moving through syrup but sharp at the same time; burring in through your ear.

I did a full inventory today. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I don’t know how helpful it is really… To know… There’s thirty-two sachets left. It’s supposed to be one per meal but I recon I can make them go a bit further. I know the odds are slim but I’ve got to try.

I covered the windows. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Every time I’d catch a glimpse it would hit me all over again and I can’t… All that water… I’d find myself staring at what was left and wondering what bit of which continent it might be, not that they are even big enough to see; it really is the blue planet now.

If I let it overwhelm me I’ll end up like Patrick and I have stay calm and keep going. That’s the main reason I had to cover the windows; I guess it’s not something you think about when you’re that desperate. He’s out there, floating, all bloated and frozen; caught in the gravitational field spinning around a water-logged Earth about a hundred yards from the ISS. He had a wife and kids but we hadn’t caught a glimpse of land that might be the UK for weeks.

God I hope someone survived. Anyone. Anyone that might be able to get me out of here.


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