Thoughtful Night

So I have been thinking over the past few days. Every now and again people come up to me or I’m told about someone has sparked interest in Novel Dreamers and it’s always interesting when I finally sit down with one of these people and actually chew the fat.

Novel Dreamers is a platform, much like that of a scratch performance space or an improvisation hub. It was never intended to be pretentious and it every time I describe my wants and ideas for it I can’t help but feel like it is a little! I wanted to make a place for people who – like me – doubt their writing, somewhere to show off what they hide away from the public. I wanted to mix that with people who genuinely write for their job or for more than just a hobby, because they need their work showing off too and they lead to the next thought; I offer this as an opportunity to talk to people who are in the same boat and find your voice. I don’t point to any of the writers here and label them one or the other; each writer is phenomenal with what they do and because we’re all somewhat introverted they hide it.

I love reading each piece when they’re uploaded and the little peep into the mind of another writer is fascinating. Coming off the end of the 14/48 Leicester Festival in which seven writers were given the same themes and then come back 12 hours later with seven very different plays was a reminder of this. Each night I’d watch the pieces and wonder what my submission would have been like and got really confused by the mix of script and short stories we’ve been uploading here!

I invite each of you to think of those two themes – Access Denied and Bedtime Stories – and see what you come up with. The writers here don’t have to upload them, they can if they’d like. You’ll probably be seeing mine floating around as we gear up for the Revolution entries at the end of the month!


Looking forward to reading some crazy stuff,



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