I love this…

So as I sit alone in a somewhat chilly house in Coventry – editing the pages for the Christmas vote, planning the January piece, getting really ticked off with how slow the internet is and how I wish Christmas was cool – I realised we’ve been going for four months. That’s four different topics with up to 32 pieces written for this little idea I dreamt up around my birthday.

I want to take a moment to thank the writers who have made this thing happen. There are loads of really cool writing challenges and blogs out there and these incredibly talented writers have breathed life into something I imagined wouldn’t amount to much. They get given these terribly written example pieces each month and I have to admit (minus the whinging about the deadline) I really look forward to hearing from them and reading what they did with the little dot of info I gave them weeks before.

With this in mind, and as an end to the year, I have read through each piece and I have selected my favourite piece from each month. To offer a kind of summary to the last four months and to recognise the work these incredible people are making. I would like to add, however, that this does not belittle the work of the other entries to each month. IT WAS A HARD THING TO DO! To add an air of suspense, I have linked them below, untitled. I’m not doing all the work here 😉

Catch you next year,








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