Wanted for high crimes and misdemeanors

Note from the Author: the below is loosely based on speculation and fact, in no way does this reflect 

It’s impossible to describe the reaction of a nation once he was removed from his position.

There was outcry. What is the point in a democracy if you could remove the person you voted in? Mourning swept over every community, country and continent. No one could imagine that even someone as narcissistic as him would take it so far as to declare war against every nation.

It started in March of 2016, campaigns were ruthless, long and taxing on both the candidates and the people of the United States of America. He won the election on November 8th and the inauguration of the 45th President took place on January 21st. His words shook many to their cores, the media whipped into fury and demanded some form of retribution for his actions, but it never came. Rumours of illicit deals with corrupt nations, tampered polls, fixed voting results and assault on woman were brought to light, but still he appeared to be infallible. That was both his making and his undoing.

Within the first week of his presidency a campaign for his impeachment had already reached more than 200,000 signatures and supporters. Congress already announced confirmation of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act – the act that led to United States withdrawal from the U.N. Changes had been made that prohibited abortion, all signatures belonging to men. There was a bill of rights made to amend the Freedom of Information Act, allowing the president more control over the media. It quickly became apparent after his appointment, that the erratic behaviour utilised in his campaigning would not cease; even now that he had gained full power over one of the leading countries of the free world. This also rapidly displayed telltale signs of repeating the events of the Watergate scandal in 1973, leading to the call for Nixon’s impeachment before he gracefully resigned from office.

Months passed, with more and more outrage and protest from his own supporters. Promises made in his tireless campaigning to ‘Make America Great Again’ soon fizzled down to more changes to the rights and a step back in time. The once fearlessly patriotic voters challenged his authority when funding was no longer available for education, for medical care and for aid when natural disasters punished the east coast during hurricane seasons. Work to erect the wall dividing the states from Mexico began, their president preparing for civil war. Forces up and down the states banded together to question and remove immigrants, at times they were threatened with internment if they didn’t comply. Rehabilitation was inflicted openly upon anyone that identified as LGBTQ. In some of the southern states cases of partitioning the streets rose, resulting in a rise of hate crimes. Britain, facing their own changes and restoration of independence from the E.U led to negotiations with the States for trade, damaging their already fractured reputation and relations with the angry inhabitants further. Yet still his tyrannical campaign to ‘Make America great again’ reigned on.

The United Nations agreed they needed to intervene if an order for impeachment couldn’t be met. Russia, who once supported the new President, agreed with the efforts of the U.N and other nations that he needed to be removed. However once that information became public and the media exaggerated the information provided (as it often does), the White House became a very real target for war.

With the people of his nation scared to leave their houses, terrified of their own government saying the wrong thing, he publicly declared at a press conference that “any nation that stood against him was not a nation strong enough to lead their people, he will restore their greater good by all means necessary”. Panic spread like wild fire through the entire world. He had foolishly declared war whilst under investigation for high crimes and misdemeanour’s. However the Vice President calmly stepped up to the podium, ushering the President away and called for silence.

“The congress and I have spoken; under the 25th Amendment of Article 4, ‘the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office’ and shall be removed from his position with immediate effect. As Vice President it is my duty to step up in these drastic times to restore peace, hope and fulfil the ideals of our Nation. The previous declaration of war has been retracted. I request the understanding and forgiveness of our other world leaders and hope we can restore our fractured relations”

The room before him remained still, not even a breath could be heard. Calmly he dipped his head in a nervous nod before exiting the podium.

A year later, having been stripped of all power, fortune and respect, his remarks still made headlines. Speculation in the media rose; would he change now that he was no longer drunk with power? Unfortunately I cannot report that this happened. He didn’t apologise for the burden on the nation he caused like Clinton had done after he was acquitted in 1999, he hadn’t even the sense to step down like Nixon when everything began to unravel and impeachment was a reality in 1974. Instead he remained true to his narrow minded and damaging opinions, boasting to anyone that would listen about his affairs and dirty secrets about his now ex-wife. Following his removal, all investigations from the FBI confirmed that he had fixed the voting system rather than his opponent like he accused, he also withheld his full financial status owing millions in unpaid taxes. The Courts found him guilty of various incidents of sexual assault, racism and money laundering. He was an extremely disliked man when he went to jail, requiring for his safety to be relocated to solitary confinement. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I report that they never found him mentally unstable, but it is easy to believe that his lawyers could have paid off the medic that tested him.

It is true when they say a “drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts” in this case.


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