The New Governor

Widow Sallie owned a plantation,

Harvesting timber and fuel for the nation.

A feast she prepares,

and all will be there,

The Gov’nor received invitation.

A gathering turned into a party,

Poor Gov’nor’s attendance was tardy.

But still he was fed.

Soon after they wed,

She gave birth to Flora and Archie.

Falling ill the Governor died,

Not a virus so Sallie survived.

No funeral was had,

For his corpse was so bad.

But the King insisted for pride.

The statesmen looked in the ground.

But the Governors body not found,

Her children shocked they gasped,

Where is he? they asked.

Sallie faints as if struck or spellbound.

The kings soldiers looked into his absence.

They looked to Sallie for guidance.

But once through her door,

they existed no more;

Their corpses provided sustenance.

After death her daughter uncovered,

The bones and remains of the others.

She discovered too late,

Guv’nor, dad and his mates,

Widow Black had served up for supper.


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