Five Year Mission

I’ve made a huge mistake. 

It was supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Of several lifetimes. The first mission of its kind, exploring the unknown in a self sustaining starship. They had an entire world on one vessel, everything they could possibly need to live their lives as frontiersmen and women, in search of a suitable location for the first off-world colony. And when they found that location, they would begin the process of establishing the foundations of that colony, whilst they waited for the first team of colonists to arrive.

Mark Wilson’s role was two-fold. First, his previous employment as an actor made him part of the entertainment team on board the ship, performing plays, music, telling stories and keeping the crew in good spirits on the long voyage. Secondly, and more importantly, he had volunteered to be one of the “founding fathers” of the new colony. For substantial remuneration, his job once they arrived, was to get as many women as possible pregnant, to begin populating the new world, whilst they waited for the colonial ship, which was still under construction back on Earth and due to be completed at the end of their ship’s five year voyage.

He brought his mind back to the present moment, the feeling of apprehension tightening his throat as he was rocked back and forth by his companion gyrating on top of him.

Fuck what’s her name?

He briefly panicked. It didn’t really matter what her name was, but it was definitely rude not to know. The arrangement was that he was available to any woman on the crew who wanted to be a mother, no discussion necessary. There were “founding mothers” amongst them who had agreed to perform that role, but everyone had a second function.

Emily. Emily something. 

It popped back into his head, but by this point he was already distracted. This was the fourth time today and he hadn’t had lunch yet. 

Maybe the galley could put together a quick BLT for me. Or a bit of pasta… Fuck, concentrate.

Emily kissed him and ran her tongue over his lips. He ran his hands up from her legs to her back and pulled her close to him. She ran a hand over his short hair and he relaxed.

Okay, this is fine… Fine? A gorgeous woman is screwing you and you say “fine”? What is wrong with you?

He’d signed up as a joke. The chances of finding a suitable world within the five year mission were remote, and even if they did find somewhere, were he to be selected, the money was too good to turn down. 

Some joke…

None of the crew anticipated that the first planet they visited would prove to be their new home. Mark had barely unpacked into his few quarters before they had arrived. That was a month ago. Since then he’d become a glorified sex toy and not much else. Everyone else looked useful. He was still performing the plays he and the other actors had prepared before the trip, but the whole crew had seen the entire repertoire by this point and regardless were much more excited by the process of setting up the first new city. They’d have to come up with some new material – perhaps something original, even though they had thousands of plays available to them in the memory banks of the computer. 

Maybe something new and something old as a double bill? We should do some Shakespeare. Best steer clear of The Tempest though.

“Do you like that?” Emily whispered in a low, sultry voice.

Mark wasn’t sure what she was doing that was any different than a minute ago, his mind was working through the back catalogue of plays he’d performed back on Earth.

“Mmmm yeah” he lied, unconvincingly. Emily continued regardless.

This is stupid. She’s a perfectly attractive woman, just find the things you like about her and focus on them.

Emily was not one of the founding mothers, Mark recalled, she had just shown up in the bar one evening after a performance, and they’d been introduced. As far as Mark could remember, their conversation was nothing more than the usual small talk. Obviously they’d spoken about their roles on the ship. Hers was something to do with engineering.

She’s too hot to be an engineer… I must be remembering that wrong.

Her blonde hair tickled his face as she kissed his chest and rib cage. She pulled it back over her shoulder as she sat up and looked into Mark’s eyes with a cheeky smile.

“I like how your dick feels inside me”.

What can you even say to that? “Thank you”, I guess? Shut up, brain, get out of the way.

He tried and failed to maintain eye contact with her, as she ran her hands through her hair, accentuating the prominence of her breasts. 

“You like these?” She asked, entirely rhetorically. 

Mark sat up and put an arm around her back so that their chests met.

“Of course I do”.

She grabbed his head and pressed it between her breasts.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.” 

Mark’s reply was muffled and inaudible. Emily was in charge anyway, he had to do whatever she wanted.

The month since they’d landed on the new planet had been busy, but he’d still had time to consider the reality that now faced him. The colony ship would not be arriving for at least five years – quite probably more. By the time it did, he might have fathered a hundred kids or more. The thought crept back into his head…

A hundred kids… I mean, I know I don’t have any legal responsibilities to them, but someone has to be a father to them.

Emily had got up off him now and had leaned up against the wall. Somehow Mark had picked himself up and was standing too, but despite Emily’s attractiveness, it was obvious to both of them that his erection was fading.

“What are you waiting for?” Emily asked, a very slight hint of annoyance creeping into her voice. “Get over here and fuck me, daddy.”

Why did she have to say that? I hate it, I don’t care that that’s what I’m here to become, I don’t need that in my head while we’re trying to do this.

He took a couple of steps over to her and spun her around so her hands were on the wall and his were around her midriff. Emily let out a little encouraging gasp as she felt a swell of energy.

Fine, you want me to just fuck you, I’ll fuck you.

He grabbed his penis and tried to shake it into action, rubbing it against her ass. 

“Come on, just do it. Stick it in me.” 

Oh really, is that what I’m supposed to do? I had no idea… This is some plan, populate the colony by having the entire crew screw each other.

The reality of the situation was driven by economics more than science. The ship could only support a few hundred people for five years, and nobody knew how long it would take to find a new home, so storing fertilised eggs was also not practical. That was why the founding mothers and fathers were chosen – for their genetic predisposition to intelligence and strength. The group was weighted heavily with women, the theory being that one man can impregnate a hundred women, but a hundred women can only carry a hundred babies. Yes, for the first generation many would be related, but over time that problem would be diluted and the gene pool diversified.

But it only works if I can get it up… God, this is so not the time for an existential crisis…

“I can’t do this.” 

“What do you mean?” Emily turned around and kissed him. “Sure you can…”

She reached down as he tried to pull away and felt his penis, no longer erect. Her hand was no more effective an encouragement than his own…

“Seriously? This is the only reason you’re here.” 

The aggravation in her voice was no longer masked.

“I can’t be a dad to hundreds of kids.” He continued.

“Literally nobody wants that. You’re a donor, nothing more. You’re here for your genetics. You’re an actor for crying out loud, it’s not like you’re much use doing anything else.”

“We can try again another time.” He offered, unenthusiastically.

“I’m on a schedule – and there’s plenty of other guys who can do a man’s job, since you’re apparently incapable.”

Ouch… I can hardly believe I’m thinking it, but I need something more than this. 

He was about to explain this argument when the door chimed. Emily pushed the button to open it, revealing another woman, surprised to be presented with two naked people in front of her.

“Oh if you’re busy, I can come back.”

Mark sighed.

Why couldn’t we have just sent some robots?


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