PictoPirate Unmasked!

Good morrow fine reader. My name is Shaun Dyer aka PictoPirate and I will be one of your writers for this years… umm… season I guess? of Novel Dreamers.


Born in the north of England I currently reside in the Midlands with my beautiful wife Jenn and our exceedingly cute but troublesomely noisy daughter Finley.

I’m a veteran of the Leicester 14/48 Theatre Festival where you may remember me from such hit debut plays as ‘Always Finish the Story’ and the one with the grim reaper and that annoying businessman that I can never remember the name of…

I’m also the proud author of Past Due: A Collection of Birthday Tales that broke the Amazon top 10,000 in it’s first week on sale. While currently going through their final edits are a Lovecraftian horror story called The Knighton Corruption and A Series of Unfortunate Dereks a sci-fi/fantasy comedy.

Oh… I also did this last year under the enigmatic nom de plume of PictoPirate… Don’t let that put you off though I have a much better spell checker this year and I promise to not leave it all to the last minute… mostly…


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