August Rush

Hi all.

Edit note: this was scheduled for this morning, but didnt come out. Because I meant morning and the schedule meant evening.


July is done and dusted, so get your summer shorts and flip flops and get ready for a vacation and then panic writing the night before hand in!

Shortly, the voting page will be ready for your wonderful pieces about finding stories in random phrases, and for this month…

I am asking the writers to write like they are running out of time. This can be two fold. 1: write on the theme of running out of time. 2: Do what I did and set yourself a timer and you stop writing at the end of the timer.

What could be simpler?

Anyway, example piece:

A Goodbye Note


I need you to listen and I need you to listen good.

I don’t have much time.

I have stumbled upon a grave misdeed in the village and I don’t think I’ll see you again.

Father Jasper has been working with outsiders and is sending the girls off to the city for profit. I don’t know how long he has been at it, but it has at least been for the last three or four months.

I have been running surveillance during neighborhood watch meetings. He comes in 40 minutes early for the meeting, and leaves with a different girl each time. I have tailed him and found the trade site is actually in the rectory. Why would anyone think any different? The famed and adored
Father going into the church in a village in which the most that happens is a cat goes missing a little
longer than the usual week?

I don’t know where they go to next.
So I am going to hide myself in the back of the van before it leaves.

I am going to see where this trail ends. If I die before I find out, then I will have died trying to stop this, but if I survive, there are going to be some big changes around here.

I have had enough of this village, Susan. It is time we lived somewhere we want to rather than somewhere we

The letter was found like this. Unfinished. I didn’t know what would come next.


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