I think this counts as an introduction…?


I’m Kayleigh. I’m 17 and three quarters and I’m currently travelling around by train and car and bus looking at Creative Writing University courses in preparation for next September – super scary stuff. I currently write with 404 Productions and plaster short stories and angst-fueled scribbles all over social media. I’m hoping to create some awesome queer pieces in the future, so expect the weird and wonderful!

“The only kids who read books for pleasure, who read outside of when a teacher was literally standing over them in the classroom, were the freaks.” – John Niven

I’m so excited to join this Freak-show.  Here’s a toast to the year ahead!



WARNING! New Challenger Approaching…

Late to the party, as usual. My name is Jonathan. Friends call me Jonty. You can call me Mr. Arnold. Yes, that IS my father’s name. That’s how this works.

J/K Kimora, could you imagine?

You can call me your Aunty Margaret, for all I care. Especially if you don’t have one. Everyone deserves an Aunty Margaret.

I’ve written for stage and page, and in vague theory for screen.

My speciality is world-building. Give me a compelling setting and I’ll spend my time building vast spreadsheets as I start digging deep, filling in the gaps of everything from infrastructure to local lore, family trees, soft drink brand history…

Anything, except the actual writing. Hence why I’m here. I needed something to spur me into action, that wasn’t as intense as past challenge writing assignments. And boy am I ready. So…

*insert “Honey, you’ve got big storm coming” GIF here*


My name is Kyra and I like dead things, writing about dead things, and, one day in the far flung future, hope to convince some one to give me an official looking certificate and money* for my doing so.

A late comer to last year’s Novel Dreamers, I am stupidly pleased to get to do this from the start.

For more information, please summon me using the following items: an Oatly mocha; over sized men’s jumpers of suitably autumnal colouring; true crime podcasts; a pile of notebooks and biros; my lost engagement ring.


*Legally, of course. I don’t have the required poker-face to achieve this through nefarious and exciting means.

PictoPirate Unmasked!

Good morrow fine reader. My name is Shaun Dyer aka PictoPirate and I will be one of your writers for this years… umm… season I guess? of Novel Dreamers.


Born in the north of England I currently reside in the Midlands with my beautiful wife Jenn and our exceedingly cute but troublesomely noisy daughter Finley.

I’m a veteran of the Leicester 14/48 Theatre Festival where you may remember me from such hit debut plays as ‘Always Finish the Story’ and the one with the grim reaper and that annoying businessman that I can never remember the name of…

I’m also the proud author of Past Due: A Collection of Birthday Tales that broke the Amazon top 10,000 in it’s first week on sale. While currently going through their final edits are a Lovecraftian horror story called The Knighton Corruption and A Series of Unfortunate Dereks a sci-fi/fantasy comedy.

Oh… I also did this last year under the enigmatic nom de plume of PictoPirate… Don’t let that put you off though I have a much better spell checker this year and I promise to not leave it all to the last minute… mostly…

Introducing… er… me…


So I’m Matt, also known as Beamesy.  I’m a writer of plays and novels/stories and comics and films and (sometimes questionable) poetry and other things, a drinker of much coffee and a keen devourer of folklore and fantasy.

I took part last year and have returned once again for all of the writery shenanigans.  Not sure what more to add, so I shall save the scribbling for the stories…  Let’s see what happens!



It’s intro time

I’m Hannah, still confused reigning champion back to write another day. Having destroyed one of Steve’s favourite songs last year I’m surprised he’s letting me back in so, before he takes it back, I pledge to continue my quest as Queen of Darkness.

I could waffle more, I am a writer after all, but Steve made the mistake of saying beautifully flattering words so I’ll borrow those instead:

“Some would say that for every light, there must be shadow; in some areas, shadows are so thick they are palpable. I offer this statement so I can ask you to guide me to the light that created the darkness that is Hannah Torrance. Wickedly funny, slightly disturbed, and deceivingly innocent; also applies to her writing.”

You flatterer sir. It will not save you from your untimely demise…

New year; who dis?

Hello old friend!

Yeah it’s been a year since the announcement of our Writer of 2017, and we think we’re ready to come back for Novel Dreamers 2: Electric Bookaloo!

Over the next few days, you’ll be noticing this years alumni joining us on the page and introducing themselves. New faces, old faces, new old faces, they’ll be here. So with that in mind, I should introduce Novel Dreamers and myself.


Novel Dreamers is a monthly writing challenge that lasts a year. The writers are given a subject, 4 weeks, and a 1500 word limit with which they create wonderful content that you, dear reader, will hopefully vote on to help me crown one of them Dagna’s Writer of the Year. There will be additional criteria or stimuli throughout the year, but for now that’s the run of things.


Remember me? Steve Archer: The Man, the Myth, The Migraine.

I am now older, so let us run off the boasting card. I am a writer of several years experience. I have had my scripts performed in multiple locations across the country. I have written over 3 albums worth of music, I have 2 novels in progress, I write little nothings a lot. I am known for my writing style of dark, eclectically pop culture referencing, fantasy based (most days), and sarcastic. I try to move out of this comfort zone occasionally, like with the challenges in this. My favourite writers are Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I like poking things that people would wish left untouched, but never in a derogatory manner; sometimes you just need to laugh at the things you’re not meant to, and there are people who will say the things you need to hear to do that.

I will be writing the example pieces once more, and I will be giving me the weekend to do this to challenge myself once more but to give some breathing room to make something worth reading all the same.


SO! Let’s go get some writers, and I’ll see you October 8th with our first writing challenge.


Peace out