Hello! (Eventually…)

Hello all.  So here we are, close to the (extended) deadline of the first challenge and so, with a sense of epic achievement I hereby upload… my introduction type thing.  I mean, hey, better late than never, right?  Ahem…

So hello.  I am Matt (often known as Beamesy, occasionally Beames).  I am based in Southampton(ish), but can occasionally be spotted in Wolverhampton and Leicester looking generally lost/confused/tired/all three…  I write many types of things, but not as much as I should, so I’m working on getting better at that.

I write plays and fiction and poetry, and try to draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere that I can.  There tends to be a dark, fantastical element to much of my writing, but not always…

Anyway, let’s see what happens…  Hope you enjoy reading!


Writer (Noun. “One who fears blank pages”)

Hello, I’m Rich.

I’m not sure if I really belong here.

Normally I’m a video editor, so you might not think me the most obvious person to be part of a writing group, but that’s sort of the point for me. I’ve always enjoyed writing, even if that has mostly translated to treatments and proposals rather than short stories. I’ve written several short films and in fact editing has much more in common with writing than one might initially think – it’s often referred to as the “last rewrite”, so I hope the knowledge gleaned from years of cutting other people’s stories will help me fashion some interesting pieces of my own.

So what am I doing here? Well for me this project is an experiment, a challenge, and hopefully a chance to grow. As much as anything I’m looking forward to seeing what all the other brilliant and talented writers come up with on a monthly basis. Thanks for reading!

Leanne of House Pearce


I only joined yesterday…

I’m the crazy kid that’s allowing themselves 10 days for challenge number 1 but it’s ok because that’s just part of the fun right?

I’m Jade but prefer Leanne (most people ignore this fact so I’ll answer to anything including it and oi). I have dabbled in writing stories, fan fiction, poetry and songs since I was about 11/12 – I would like to add that this doesn’t mean I am good at it.

I guess my main writing style is probably going to either be really fantasy and sci-fi based or thriller with a bit of romance thrown in. I am an avid reader, I like books and take pride in the fact i can get through 2 books a week when I’ve got the reading bug. So yeah in short, expect the unexpected and yet completely the expected too because I’m cute like that.

Ciao for now!

Pictoback Writer…

Hello lovely Internet people! My name is Picto, well kind of it’s more of an alias really but it will do for now. I hail from the grim north where meat pie for breakfast is, if not normal, not entirely a thing to be scared of and the gravy flows freely.

I’ve been writing for my own entertainment for as long as I can remember but only recently started to share my… gift is a strong word, umm… vaguely entertaining nonsense with a wider audience. Last year I wrote all of my good friends a birthday short-story and did a couple of small but perfectly formed plays for 14/48 Leicester. I also have a bunch of stories, scripts and miscellaneous odds and sods I’d like to spend more time on if I wasn’t working so darn much.

I’ll read anything that someone can stick under my nose so my influences are many and varied. I’m currently enjoying the works of Orson Scott Card, Cory Doctorow and Chuck Palahniuk but have dabbled in Mary Shelley, John Grisham and Joseph Heller in the not so distant past.

So, yeah, I’m excited to get started and I hope you find something to like in my odd rambles…



Evening all!  I’m Hannah, HT, Hannah T, Torrance Olivier or a plethora of other nicknames I am too happy to answer to.  I am primarily a theatre director but began writing about two years ago and it has started with a a real bang!  So far I’ve mostly written plays, both short and long, and am embarking on a novel which is a really scary statement.  One of my plays She is going to be performed at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton in February so watch out for more shameless plugs.

Everything I write has a different influence.  My first play was sparked by an emotion and inspired by the writing styles of Caryl Churchill, Sarah Kane, Martin Crimp and the like; my most recent began as a statistic that made me unbelievably angry.  The novel is a complete stray into the unknown, going full epic fantasty á la Phillip Pullman with dreams of Del Torro-esq spectacles.

I am honored to be selected to be a part of this writing challenge and can’t wait to see the first theme and where our ideas take us.


You can call me Al…

Hi! Hello! How have you been? Yeah, you look peeky; have you been outside recently? Sorry, lost in thought! My name is Steve Archer, or Dagna Theatre if I’m trying to impress the ladies. (Theatrically, of course)

I will be your master of ceremonies for this expedition. Your guide. Your example writer. Your Dungeon Master, if you will. I’m nowhere near cool enough to be a DM but they’ll not question it…

Anyway! This is my example intro blog for our intrepid scribblers; they’ll be posting over the coming week before being set their first writing challenge

I have been writing since the age of 12, though only started working on big projects (songs, albums, novels, shows, a trilogy…) when I started uni in 2011. I have written over 50 songs, countless short stories, currently writing 2 novels and 5 plays. (be a blessing if I got paid for this!) My favourite writers are Pratchett, Gaiman and Hornby and I constantly reference them in my works.

You can find more on my work at http://www.dagnatheare.weebly.com and http://www.brownbeararcher.tumblr.com

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog and I look forward to seeing the work everyone creates!


Peace out