Leanne of House Pearce


I only joined yesterday…

I’m the crazy kid that’s allowing themselves 10 days for challenge number 1 but it’s ok because that’s just part of the fun right?

I’m Jade but prefer Leanne (most people ignore this fact so I’ll answer to anything including it and oi). I have dabbled in writing stories, fan fiction, poetry and songs since I was about 11/12 – I would like to add that this doesn’t mean I am good at it.

I guess my main writing style is probably going to either be really fantasy and sci-fi based or thriller with a bit of romance thrown in. I am an avid reader, I like books and take pride in the fact i can get through 2 books a week when I’ve got the reading bug. So yeah in short, expect the unexpected and yet completely the expected too because I’m cute like that.

Ciao for now!