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September (Whatever you like):

Adam Unwin – Notes from the old tennant

Kayleigh Benham – The Revolution

Shaun Dyer – Banged Up

August (Running out of time):

Kayleigh Benham – You’ve Got Time

Shaun Dyer – Last Man Standing

Adam Unwin – Mumsy’s wishes

Matt Beames – A Bad Run

Emma Bamford – Ready or Not

July (Finding Stories in Phrases):

Adam Unwin – We’ll Need More Than A 5p Bag, Sarge

Rich Leverton – Way Out

Shaun Dyer – We Can Print

Emma Bamford – Free WiFi

Matt Beames – Paid & Displayed

June (Writing a Hated Genre):

Adam Unwin – 575

Shaun Dyer – The Worst Story Ever Written

Matt Beames – A Hero Does What A Hero Does

Kayleigh Benham – An Unfortunate Afternoon

May (Hitting a Wall):

Hannah Torrance – Escape

Shaun Dyer – Walls

Matt Beames – The Threshold

Emma Bamford – New and Exclusive

April (Plot Twist):

Kayleigh Benham – Plot Twist

Emma Bamford – The Taxidermist

Adam Unwin – Holy Diver

Shaun Dyer – Conversations in the Dark

Matt Beames – Animo

March (Random Songs):

Adam Unwin – Flesh and Bone

Kayleigh Benham – Happiness

Shaun Dyer – I Know a Guy with a Golden Touch

Matt Beames – Solace

Hannah Torrance – She fell

Emma Bamford – When It All Falls Apart

Kyra Leigh – Glamour

February (Faith):

Kayleigh Benham – Nova

Adam Unwin – To do one’s Duty

Shaun Dyer – It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Rich Leverton – The Man Who Lived By The River

Emma Bamford – The Strike

Hannah Torrance – No One Should Be And No One Is

Matt Beames – A Little Thing

Kyra Leigh – Sod’s Parable

January (Love):

Adam Unwin – A Better End.

Hannah Torrance – Imbalance

Kayleigh Benham – 8.36am

Shaun Dyer – Love is the Sharpest Knife

Emma Bamford – Eulogy

Matt Beames – The Story on Her Skin

December (Second Chances):

Shaun Dyer – The Devil’s Bargain

Kayleigh Benham – Biopic

Emma Bamford – Billy the Sperm’s Eggsellent Adventure

Hannah Torrance – Second Chance

Rich Leverton – Prey

Matt Beames – Greener Grass

Adam Unwin – A chat between old friends

Kyra Leigh – Jenny

November (Time):

Shaun Dyer – The Morning After the Night Before.

Jonathan Arnold – Scarborough Fair

Rich Leverton – Welcome to the Machine

Emma Bamford – A Brief History of a Fear of Time

Adam Unwin – Ford Cortina MkV TF 1600e (with optional time rotor)

Kayleigh Benham – A Life Sentence

Matt Beames – Lifetimes

Hannah Torrance – More Time

Kyra Leigh – Year Zero

October (Character Continuation):

Shaun Dyer – Frodo Baggins: Boy Detective.

Adam Unwin – Probably the oddest thing in the Universe…

Emma Bamford – It’s a Kind of Magic

Hannah Torrance – The Sitter

Kayleigh Benham – Taxidermy; Do it Yourself!

Jonathan Arnold – From Country, to Town.

Dave Pitt – A Song For Val (Not Ray)

Matt Beames – Before the Dragon

Rich Leverton – Indiana Jones and the King’s Sword

Megan Berridge – Alias Captain James Hook

Kyra Leigh – The Ninth Wave (Late entry, no voting this month.)