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July, Chance: (In reading order as well!)

Hannah Torrance – Incoming Inspirational Magnet

Matt Beames – Last Flight of The Demonstar

Kyra Leigh – Returned

Picto – Not Mostly Harmless

Kirsty Mealing – Star Nicholas II

Richard Leverton – A Serious Situation

June, Parody:

Picto – Armageddonish

Richard Leverton – Questy McQuestFace

Hannah Torrance – Little Girl

Matt Beames – Scarlet Passion

Kirsty Mealing – Lawrence of the Conservatory

Kyra Leigh – It’s Not Fair

May, Sci-fi were it shouldn’t be:

Richard Leverton – Five Year Mission

Matt Beames – A Song to Summon My True Love Home

Kirsty Mealing – gruff.

Kyra Leigh – Pride and Programming

Picto – Joust in the Nick of Time

Hannah Torrance – Sir Apidae and the Beast

April, Macabre (extra points for existing serial killers):

Richard Leverton – The First Kill Is The Sweetest

Kyra Leigh – Forget Me Not

Picto – Carnival House

Hannah Torrance – Sleeper’s Lake

Leanne Pearce – The New Governor

Kirsty Mealing – Hello.

Matt Beames – The Sheltering Bones

March, Superheroes:

Kirsty Mealing (Mystique) – The Raven and The Boy.

Picto (Judge Dredd) – Joe Dredd: Off Duty Judge

Matt Beames (Dream) – The Maze of a Thousand Locks

Hannah Torrance (Spire) – A Thousand Locks Within a Maze

Richard Leverton (Batman) – The Dark Knight Falls, Issue #1

February, Love (with additional song influence):

Richard Leverton (Love Ain’t A Love Song by Joe Bonamassa) – Love Is A Love Song

Matt Beames (Burning Love by Wyonna Judd) – Far Too Brief

Hannah Torrance (Good Old Fashion Lover Boy by Queen – Reward

Kirsty Mealing (Love Song #1) – I Never Won (‘Til You Blew In)

Leanne Pearce (If I Can’t Feel Love by Thunder) – A mans only wish – Part 1.

Picto (Waiting on a Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen) – You Got Me, Under Your Skin.

January, “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s words” with alcohol enhancement:

Richard Leverton – Private Investigation

Kirsty Mealing – Doppelgänger Me.

Hannah Torrance – The Accident

Picto – Mark My Words

Matt Beames – A Quiet Drink

Leanne Pearce – Wanted for high crimes and misdemeanors

December, Christmas:

Picto – Better for Bears; Bullets or Balls?

Richard Leverton – Why The World Needs Santa Claus

Hannah Torrance – A Fruitful Adventure

Kirsty Mealing – The Neverend.

Matt Beames – The Rookie

November, Revolution:

Picto – This Country is Going to the Dogs

Richard Leverton – Singularity Achieved

Matt Beames – From the Rooftops

Kirsty Mealing – Mama

Hannah Torrance – I will not enter title here

Leanne Pearce – The Nightmare Before Christmas

October, Fear:

Picto – Fear is mostly in your head. Mostly.

Richard Leverton – The Day I Met My Father

Leanne Pearce – “My father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.” Spike Milligan

Kirsty Mealing – Name.

Hannah Torrance – Logged

Matt Beames – The Unwanted Guest

Jon Parker – In Remembrance (excluded from vote, late entrance)

September, Character continuation:

Leanne Pearce – The Trip Doesn’t End When You Get Home

Picto – The Postman Always Dies Once

Hannah Torrance – New Times

Kirsty Mealing – Nobody Expects the Hylian In-cluck-sition

Matt Beames – Forge Fire

Richard Leverton – The Note

Jon Parker – Broken Bones